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The best place
The best place
The best place
The best place

MB is a private beach club located at the heart of the hotel zone and blessed with an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea and white sand beach for any type type of ceremony.

MB has a lot of advantages such as:

  • No time limits
  • Total private
  • Permits for fire works & lanterns
  • No fee for bringing your own vender
  • Pet friendly
  • Beach ceremony
  • Reception - all inclusive packages
  • Food and beverage
  • Set up and decoration
  • Light and sound
  • Floral arrangements
  • Transportation
  • Live DJ

Weddings & private events

Please contact us

(998) 848 8383

Mandala Beach Events


For Mandala Beach, your experience is the most important,
please use the hashtag #MANDALABEACHMX
to share it with us.

Life is good at the beach